Anger 911 Radio

Anger 911 provides emergency treatment for emotional and spiritual wellness. Do you have difficulty controlling your anger or do you allow people to push your buttons and make you angry? Do you lash out at others, become aggressive, nasty, hurtful or violent? Or do you remain silent, suppress your anger and allow others take advantage of you? Are you bitter, feel victimized, blame others for what’s wrong in your life? Do you need help forgiving?

Do you want more inner peace, joy and happiness? Do you want your life and relationships to be easier and healthier? On Anger 911 you’ll learn what anger really is; identifying it’s root cause vs what triggers it; how to express it effectively and appropriately; ways to prevent others from pushing your buttons and getting you angry; how to stop others from taking advantage of and mistreating you; steps to heal your anger and create inner peace; how to deal with a difficult, angry or aggressive person; create and set boundaries; address bullying, road rage, and domestic violence. Learn to resolve conflicts peacefully and permanently plus powerful communication strategies that are clear, concise, firm and fair and so much more.

Choosing inner peace over anger is effortless once you know how. I did it and so you can. So stick with me. Don’t just listen to one show. Come back each week. That’s how it works. It will well be worth your time, I promise. “We cannot be a world at peace until we are first a people of peace.” – Janet Pfeiffer

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