Gary Farver – ‘Controlled Chaos’

Gary Garver has now ventured out and has created a new morning show on KCAA 1050am, and (Hollywood Talk Radio) in the Inland Empire called ‘Controlled Chaos’ with Gary Garver and Jigga Jones.

Garver’s talk show is hip cool and unpredictable. ‘Controlled Chaos’ has a unique, truthful, take on life and the world today, which is innovative and sure to make you laugh. He has the famous and infamous on the show, and you never know who or what will happen on the show.

Gary likes to think of his show as the new wave of terrestrial radio. Garver states, ‘Radio has been killed by the corporate suits that have run the radio industry into the ground in the last decade with the same personnel and same song playlists. ‘Controlled Chaos’ will be the resurrection of radio and the wave of the future for all broadcasters, who will be able to feel free of the media machine and speak their minds.’

‘Controlled Chaos’ with Gary Garver and Jigga Jones. It’s a must listen to radio.

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